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Our Small Group Journeys collection of bespoke worldwide travel jaunts are hand-crafted by Jacinta Blundell, a long-term travel industry professional with more than 25 years experience and husband Brad whose food/wine expertise ensures every itinerary has a gastronomic highlight.

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Laos Explorer / with Chloe

Laos Explorer / with Chloe

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Join Chloe on an easy paced adventure through the unforgettable Laos!

Beginning our journey in the world’s smallest capital, Vientiane. Working our way up to the ever-busy town of Luang Prabang. We’ll be meandering the Mekong River, pondering the Mysterious Plain of Jars, Join in on an ancient tradition – the Alms giving Ceremony (meet some Monks – Tick!), Purchase beautifully crafted items from the local hill-tribes at the Night Markets (Shopping – Tick!), swim at the stunning Kuang Si Waterfalls and much more! We have added an optional extension to hang out with (and admire) some local elephants in a safe & cruelty-free environment (Elephants – Tick!).

Option # 1: Bring your own friend to share
Option # 2: Take a guaranteed single room
Option # 3: We can find another passenger to share

(subject to numbers)


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  • Departure Time
    26 OCTOBER – 3 NOVEMBER 2019

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