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Our Small Group Journeys collection of bespoke worldwide travel jaunts are hand-crafted by Jacinta Blundell, a long-term travel industry professional with more than 25 years experience and husband Brad whose food/wine expertise ensures every itinerary has a gastronomic highlight.

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African Migration & Namibia Adventure

African Migration & Namibia Adventure

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We begin our Africa exploration in Namibia as we discover the gems of this timeless land of dramatic deserts, endless blue skies, unique wildlife and the ancient tribe of the Himba.

Moving onto the great Chobe River, boarding our luxury houseboat as we cruise gently down river with amazing wildlife viewing and a fresh cocktail in your hand! Northwards to our main event – The Great Migration. One of the most amazing experiences I have had on my travels, and while it comes down to nature, we will try our hardest to be in the right place at the right time as we cover both sides of the famed Mara River during our stay. An option to extend and lose yourself to the magic of Zanzibar, with its turquoise waters and beautiful beach hideaways.

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    13 AUGUST - 2 SEPTEMBER 2020

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